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You've found Ace Ballroom, home of the best dance teachers in the Tampa Bay area. We teach all forms of partner dance. We also do choreography for weddings & Quinceañeras. Whether you're looking to prepare for your wedding, or just wanting to learn for fun, we've got you covered. Our well trained teachers can instruct in you everything from salsa to tango to swing & more! Our convenient location is easily accesible from all over the Tampa Bay area. Our students come from Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Polk, and Sarasota counties. We're the best teachers around, and we guarantee you'll not only be successful, but you'll have a blast learning from us.
  • Lose Weight by Dancing Get In Shape
  • Learn A New Skill Learn A Skill
  • Meet People Meet People
  • Dancing Is Fun Have Fun
  • Relieve Stress Relieve Stress
  • Ballroom dancing can burn up to 200 - 300 calories per hour
  • Dancing is great for losing weight. Kirstie Alley lost 100lbs since being on DWTS
  • Dance is a weight-bearing activity, which strengthens bones and muscles without hurting your joints
  • Develop AMAZING posture
  • Learn how to sweep a woman off her feet
  • Be able to dance any dance with any partner anywhere
  • Amaze everyone with you skills on the dance floor
  • Dancing builds confidence, one of the most attractive qualities a person can possess
  • The studio has 6 group classes & 2 parties every week. No partner neccessary
  • Travel with us to competitions and events all over the country
  • There are opportunities for social dancing in the Tampa area almost every evening
  • Come move to some of your favorite music
  • The better you get at dancing, the more enjoyment you get out of it
  • We guarantee you'll be smiling by the end of your first lesson
  • Dancing is an activity that can put you in a flow state, causing you to focus on what you're doing in the moment and forget all your worries
  • After a long day, there's something therapeutic about letting go and dancing
  • When you dance, your body releases endophins, which make you happy, keep you active, and make you feel free
  • Smooth

    Smooth Dancing
    • Waltz
    • Tango
    • Foxtrot
    • Viennese Waltz


    Rhythm Dancing
    • Cha Cha
    • Rumba
    • Swing
    • Bolero
    • Mambo


    Standard Dancing
    • Waltz
    • Tango
    • Viennese Waltz
    • Foxtrot
    • Quickstep


    Latin Dancing
    • Cha Cha
    • Samba
    • Rumba
    • Paso Doble
    • Jive


    Club Dancing
    • Salsa
    • Bachata
    • Merengue
    • Hustle
    • West Coast
    We are... Passionate about what we do We want to... Make you feel comfortable, help you succeed We have... Lots of patience and experience teaching 100s of people We love... Challenge, creativity, music, expression, and having fun! We still... Train, practice, continue to learn and improve ourselves We promise... To give you our best

    We Teach at the biggest studio in the tampa bay area, Rhapsody Ballroom. With 2 ballrooms, one with a 2000 sq ft floating dance floor, there's more than enough space.

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